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Little Big Soldier (Good Movie) Starring Jackie Chan

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Little Big Soldier is a big budget (by HK standards, not US standards) Hong Kong an action adventure with comedy starring Jackie Chan which has seemingly flown under the radar of popular movies. Unless you speak Mandarin Chinese, you'll be stuck with sub-titles. Don't let this deter you because this is a good movie set in the Warring States period of Chinese history. A long time Jackie Chan fan, I wasn't sure what to expect with this movie. Chan's recent movies have been questionable (Spy Next Door? What the hell was he thinking?). Luckily, this HK made film proves to be of superior quality to his US films.Chan stars as a war deserter who along with an enemy General survives an ambush. The movie focuses on his journey back home with the captured General which he plans to trade in for a reward. I'm not going to go into a huge review, but I will note a few things that made the movie good to me.The setting of the film was a bold move with great results. I haven't seen too many movies set in this period of history, and the visuals and sword fights are a refreshing change from gun battles. Jackie Chan's injects his character with an amazing amount of charm, making his character likable as usual. His co-star did a great job as well portraying a General. Their chemistry is good and it's believable when they inevitably start to respect each other. The physical comedy is still creative, showing that Jackie Chan still can pull off his Buster Keaton inspired comedy. The action while kept to a minimium is well done, with exciting kung-fu inspired sword fighting.In my opinion, a good ending.Anyway, I'm not good at reviews so I'll just say check out this movie if you like a nice light-hearted adventure movie. You can definitely tell this is a Chan movie, but it's a new way to enjoy his style. I hesitate to say it, seeing how I've always raved about Chan's older action comedy movies, but I almost think this is one of the best movies of his career. If you're not watching Hong Kong films in general, you're missing out.Note: Just Don't Watch The English Dub Version!!! (Nothing will kill your enjoyment of HK Films faster).

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