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Blood Sugar Levels And Aerobic Exercise High level after exercising

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Hi,I have diabetes type 2 and I am on Metformin tablets and 2 kinds of insulin to control it.Three times a day I take an 850 mg Metformin tablet plus 3 times a day I inject Novarapid FlexPen insulin, and at night, before bed I inject Glargine (long lasting) insulin.My diabetes is reasonably under control, blood sugar levels are reasonably normal, usually below 7 and sometimes below 10, but with the odd peak into the double figures.I am over weight at the moment, but I am dieting more than before, eating low fat foods and foods with low Glycaemic Index, I also go to the gym regularly, where I do both workouts with weights and some aerobic (cardiovascular) exercises.As a result of this, I sometimes get a hypo, whic to me is a good sign, telling me that I should lower my insulin doses.After all, insulin is one of the main culprits for weight gain/weight retention.However, I have began to experience that, when I have a day of aerobic exercise, and I always go to those sessions on an empty stomach in the morning, that, when I come home and I take a blood sugar level reading (again, without having had any food yet), my levels are always in the double figures, which then settle during the rest of the day.It also seems that my blood sugar levels seem quite normal when I take a reading after anaerobic exercise (weight workout at the gym).I was wondering if there is anyone here who has had similar experiences, or anyone who knows whether that is normal, maybe because the exercise lowers your insulin level in your body or whatever?So, if anyone is medically qualified enough to answer my question, or if anyone had similar experiences and has been told by his/her doctor why this could happen, I would very much like to hear from them.All advice will be very welcome.Thank you in advance.

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