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French And Bon ...!

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French and BON like English and GOOD, BON and GOOD have the same meaning. But I noticed that French love and use BON more. Act, I love this word, too. it's very refreshing word that bring joy and relaxation, French use Bon for masculine and Bonne for feminine


Here are some examples:




Bonjour Good day


Bonsoir Good evening


Bon nuit Good night




Bon app?*BLEEP* Good appetite


Bonne f?te (this is for holidays greeting like thanks giving)


Bon anniversaire Happy Birthday




Bon ann?e Good years


Bon heur Good fortune


Bon no?l Merry Christmas




Bonne journ?e Good day


Bonne soir?e Good nuit




Bonne sant? Good health


Bonne id?e Good idea


Bon march? cheap




By the way, bon is a normal adj. like great we can put it in front of any word. But when we use it here as a term or expression. Not as a single word, enjoy.

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