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Some Suggestion About The Wordpress Learning wordpress

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I am new here, like to know if someone here has the good suggestion about how to customize the wordpress, I like to build couple of template for my friends, it is for their personal use, but prefer the unique face.I like to build the simple wordpress template, and it should has the paypal integration, any suggestion, thanks.

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There are different types of pages in wordpress template. You can customize each one of them. Each template is a separate php files in themes directory, these files are:

1-404 Template = 404.php 2-Archive Template = archive.php
3- Archive Template = archive.php
4- Comments Template = comments.php
5- Footer Template = footer.php
6- Header Template = header.php
7- Main Template = index.php
8- Page Template = page.php
9- Post Template = single.php
10- Search Form = searchform.php
11- Search Template = search.php
12- Sidebar Template = sidebar.php
13- Stylesheet = style.css

The main files in this list, or let's say, if you edit them you will change the look of your entire theme are:
footer.php, header.php, index.php, page.php, single.php, sidebar.php and style.css

if you want to edit just the header, footer and colors in your them you can do that from wordpress dashboaed.

If you want to make a new theme, then, you should have experiences in HTML,PHP and CSS.

If you want to make changes but don't deal with PHP codes, you can do that by edit style.css file. It is a simple way to have a new look them. You should start step by step following the div tag in PHP files and edit each tag in CSS.

In CSS you can change fonts, colors, add opacity, add images, add shadows and more.

Remember you can always visit wordpress codex for more details or to fix problems. Also you can ask for help here in tarp, Good luck.

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Hi @psw!A lot of web designers take an existing theme from the WordPress theme directory (you can find the themes under Extend on the WordPress.org development website, not to be confused with the WordPress.com blog hosting website). Apparently, the most popular theme for developers to build upon is the Thesis theme, but the only time I have built upon an existing theme was when I used the Autumn Almanac theme, as work was being handed over by another web designer who built a website-blog and had to abandon the project half-way due to other commitments.Some web designers, like myself, like to build WordPress themes from scratch. This is primarily for producing cleaner markup and minimal Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) such that the website loads much quicker. This approach is more time consuming so you would have to set your priorities and achieve a balance between the various quality attributes.You might have to use additional plugins to achieve Paypal integration. Plugins are also available on the WordPress.org website (did I mention that I'm not referring to the WordPress-dot-COM website?). Click on Extend and go to plugins (right next to the Themes option). I've built a couple of WordPress themes but I didn't provide payment gateway integration in any of my projects so I cannot guide you on the best approach to take here but perhaps one of the other members on the forum can help you with it. I am a bit curious about why your friends would want to have Paypal integration for a personal blog or a personal website though.You can also buy premium themes from various web designers' websites or theme directories, and can also get theme customization for premium themes that are listed on the WordPress.org (you know the drill, you know what I'm going to say here, so let's just skip it) website under Extend.

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