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Trap17 Vs. Astahost Discontentment amongst the Ranks

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First, I congratulate myself for not writing another "help me?" question in the Support and Feedback forum. Second, let me suggest (if it is possible) that we change our ranking system slightly so that our members are consistently ranked on both sites? A member who has proven himself/herself should have the same high privileges in one forum as is the same in the other forum. The number of posts should also count the same...whether or not you include the myCENTS system or not. That way, I MIGHT NOT have to place 10 all new posts in the slow-going Xisto to be able to access the Shoutbox in there, but that rule is still entirely up to you, OpaQue, since it is meant for a particular group of individuals (computer "geeks").Someone will probably be able to refer me to to ten topics just like this one, but because we are your members and/or customers, it is important that our voices should still be heard.So I end with this: "All for one, and one for all!" Let's make all forum ranks for one and one forum rank for all.

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There's a difference between letting your voice be heard, and repeating the same discussion over and over again.We have two different forums to reflect two different styles and focus. If we were to mirror the two forums the same, why have two forums in the first place? Why not combine both into one, and have advanced technical discussion sub-topics instead?Each forum is governed differently. Same TOS and AUP but moderated differently when it comes to forum activity. In the past we have had members who say they were moderators/advanced members in Xisto and demanded the same position at Xisto. These were denied. Earning a certain privilege here does not carry that person to the other forum. Because, two forums are different in the foundation. Xisto is general, gaming and technical forum. Xisto is technical, advanced and some general forum with very little gaming discussions. OpaQue set two forums apart in hopes that they attract vast range of participants. And just as though a forum from another community follow different board rules, Xisto and Xisto which under the same member of Xisto follow different board rules.Another aspect of Xisto--they really don't care about ranks and titles. This is not to say Xisto is superficial in any way. Members who are trying to escape from the tyranny of labels and names gather to Xisto in hopes that their intellects bring accord with one another. Some people prefer to be around ambiance of Xisto for the simple fact that replies will be intelligible. And majority of Xisto members are not in it for myCENT. Very little of members are hosting through Xisto. If a new member joins Xisto and finds him/herself focusing on hosting needs, we actually direct him/her to join Xisto. And because credits earned while in Xisto should be transferable, we made myCENT to be collectable between Xisto and Xisto. It's not because two forum should be as one.

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