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Help? How To Make First Start Of Web free web hosting

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Hai yaponhel welcome to Xisto!
I can see you're a bit confused so let me clear things up.
First, make sure you have read the Xisto Readme and have linked your xisto account with your Trap account by registering with the SAME email address you used here at Trap. (Xisto)
Here at trap, we have a thing called MYCENT's, this is the money that you earn to get free web hosting (more info can be found here)
You need atleast 5 posts to start earning MYCENT's, once you do, you'll start earning! everytime you cross 100 MYCENT's ($1) it will be deposited into your xisto account to spend on web hosting. it's so easy to get free web hosting! you can even get a top-level domain!! (.com)

Remember, one-liner posts like the one you just made won't make much MYCENT's, try to post good quality helpful posts, (You can earn as much as $1 per post)

Welcome to Trap! if you need anything else please don't hesitate to ask! :)

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i think first you should find a good domain if you prefer free tlds then Xisto is the best or else you ccan go anywhere you want and for the free web hosts you can contact me or there are tons of p2h sites offering free hosting.

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