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Point Blank Online Online First Person Shooter :)

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Well, searched it in wikipedia without any result. i guess i have to write everything i know then.


Posted Image

Gameplay Video : http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/


"Point Blank" is a Massive Multiplayer Online Game that carries the genre of FPS (First Person Shooter), not the same like Counter Strike, call of duty etc which a first person shooter game that can be played online, point blank is pure online game. You can join into the war and fight your friends, gaining experience points and leveling up. The Main Background Story is the war between CT Force and Free Rebels. It Is Free To Play, using Item Mall as the money making.

i thought it would be boring (i'm not really into the FPS types...) but hell it isn't. i like it, it's fun :)


At first, you're only a Trainee without any skills, titles, badges, weapons, you're simply just one with the default setting from the game. Later you can level up your character to buy bigger (and harder) mission, "buy" your titles which will give you good and bad skills point, create your own clan (or just join someone's :( ), meet and chat with your friends, and many other things that can be done in those online gamings. The Item Mall offers you almost all you need: good weapon to improve your character, knives, new helmets, better character, and other good stuffs that needs your real money (well, here in my country at least)


Hmm, what else do i know?

ah, there are some game modes to enjoy.

First, the Deathmatch mode. the foolish and easiest one i guess. you start the game / join room, went to the front enemy base, kill whatever you can, you died, you re-spawn in your base (delay about 5-10 second), went to the front again, repeat as much as you can. :D

Second, the Bomb Mission. similar to Counter Strike game where the terrorist tried to put the bomb in some marked area and the Counter Terrorist tried whatever it takes to stop the terrorist.

Third, the Destroy. in this mode, both 2 side have one unit / building which must be protected at all cost while trying to destroy the enemy.\

Fourth, The Eliminate. it much like Deathmatch combined with bomb mission. the system much like Deathmatcn where you only have to kill everyone on the enemy side. the main differences is that you won't re-spawn and have to wait for the round to end just like the bomb mission.

Fifth, ShotGun Mode. as much as the word describe, it's a deathmatch game mode which only allow ShotGun as the weapon.

Sixth, AI Mode. well, you fight the AI. isn't that enough to describe it?


I don't know about the other country, but if you want (and, of course, able to) join in the indonesian army, you can go to this page. the official one > http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/



some screenie (hell, what's with the spoiler code anyway?):






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