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C-evo Vs. Freeciv Which game is better?

Which game is better?  

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I played Freeciv a lot and sometimes still do, it's best to play with human players than AI, even though it's quite hard as most of have one tactic, to build more cities and build settlers and research the republic, then research steam engine and whenever you get ironclad, you stop researching, make tax 90% 10% luxury (depends) and build ironclads with some transporter and horsemen and WAR! You don't need to build anything, except settlers in the beginning, oh yea, you need to build barracks for units to be veterans..Playing with AI or with newbies, you can always choose a different tactic though..It's the first time I hear about C-Evo, I played Freecol and play Freeciv, but never tried C-Evo, it seems that C-Evo has a good AI, but it's later release is 2008, where Freeciv last updated 2011 Feb as it's an active community and it's available on a lot of platforms, including Amiga.To add, I used to play colonization and Freecol looks promising http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freecol

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