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Dangers Of Methamphetamine

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I wrote this paper for a recent criminal justice class. I think drug awareness is a great thing because I have personally seen so many lives destroyed by drugs, meth being one of the more influential drugs.


Dangers of Methamphetamine


Describe the growing problems of Meth Labs:

One problem is the growing number of meth labs throughout the country. The more meth labs that go up mean the more people that become addicted to the drug. They are also bad as the community that they are located in can become infested with toxic fumes and other dangerous chemicals.


Cite two primary ingredients of Meth:

Pseudoephedrine, Iodine crystals, and red phosphorus.


Describe areas where meth labs may be commonly located:

Meth labs are most common in desert towns and cities and in trailer parks. However, with their growing numbers that is now starting to popup in suburban areas, as well as in large cities and urban areas.


Discuss the hazards of Meth labs for both people and the environment:

The number one concern is the toxic fumes that the Methamphetamine can impose on the environment. The other problem is the fact that the fumes that they release can be very explosive so at any given time in a lab, the smallest spark can be ignited into a massive explosion. The other problem is that for every 1 pound of meth that is produced there is about 6 pounds of byproduct that is toxic and usually just dumped into the environment.


Identify the reasons that meth is considered the most dangerous drug in the US today:

Because the main ingredients are easy to get your hands on it is a relatively cheap drug to produce. It is also highly addictive and many people that experiment with it get hooked instantly. It creates a long lasting high that is very potent. It has crept itself into every class of society and is becoming a major problem.


How long do Meth effects last in the body:

Methamphetamine effects can last for hours and even days in the users that use them. They give the


user a prolonged high that is very intense, but they can come crashing down very hard when coming off of the drug.


Describe the stages of withdrawl from meth:

There are 3 stages of withdrawl from meth. They are low intensity, binge, and high intensity. Depending on the usage, the withdrawl can be more severe and symptoms that last for weeks can include fatigue, long, disturbed periods of sleep, irritability, intense hunger, moderate to severe


depression, psychotic reactions and anxiety.

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