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Repost A Great Topic got a topic from any other website but you cant share it by copy paste

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I read the rules of Xisto today and I saw that you cant copy a content or post an article from other

website or blog, if you are going to share it here you must put it in quote so you won't earn a mycent

my biggest questions to the rippers and leechers is why copy paste it?

theres still a way for you to post it here without putting quotes on it since Xisto avoiding duplicated contents

here are some tips for you to post and share it here and earn lots of mycent


1. Change the title name - Changing the title name of that article first is the best thing you can do to

avoid duplicate content example i read an article " 10 tips to increase blog traffic " instead of

using that title again I will use "10 simple tips on how to improve blog traffic" ok its not the same

now right?


2. Edit the Content Body - yes to be able to avoid duplicated contains you can do some editing in your topic

what I mean to this is rewrite it and remove some words.


3. Add more - instead of pasting it only add more text/content into it by simply adding some images or even add a text

in my example of 10 tips on how to improve blog traffic I may delete the definition of each tips and write my own

definition/explanation ex.


before (no edits)

Use social bookmarking - you can use social bookmarking site to improve your traffic into your blog


After (with edits)


Use Social Bookmarking - a webmaster/blog owner is recommended to use social bookmarking sites like digg, squido, del.icio.us, stumble upon and more n order to improve their link popularity and their blog traffic



and thats my simple 3 easy steps on how to post a topic from other website but this time when you

make an edit into it.. its yours topic :)

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The reason "They Are Lazy" Most people who copy and paste on this website really want something for nothing. I really does not take that much time to follow the steps listed in the outline you made.

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I think your ideas are pretty good, providing that you do considerable changing to the original text, and add more. A lot more. The point in exchangeing ideas is to present as much possible information and get a bigger variety of comments and sugestions, and opinions. Everyone has ideas on how something should or could be done and if we use someone elses ideas as just a base line or frame work to hang our own opinions on, and expand upon those with our own, it's a good way as any to come up with topic discussions.

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