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Introducing Neil Peart (video) Canadas best drummer?

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Since Baniboy was kind enough to share a video with us, I thought I'd throw one in here too. This is Neil Peart, drummer from the famous Canadian progressive-rock band Rush. He's widely regarded as one of Rock's best drummers. Rush is a small trio of virtuosos, Geddy Lee on bass, Alex Lifeson on guitar, (both not present in this video) and Neil Peart. I'm not sure if their fame reaches beyond North America, because Canadian bands are typically overshadowed by American ones even in my own country.

Anyway here's the video, apparently performed at a Buddy Rich memorial concert. http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ . I thought it was great drumming, but Neil apparently thought it sucked, and released two Buddy Rich tribute albums to make up for the "bad" performance.

Is it just me or do drummers always have horrible posture? They're always slouching forward and looking down, you think they'd get back/neck problems.


PS: Does he flip his drum stick around and play with the other side for almost the entire solo? It sure looks like it, but maybe I'm imagining. It's hard to see the end of the stick on youtube. Do you think he's doing it to get a different tone?

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