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Embedding You Tube Videos In My Website

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Embedding YouTube contents to a hosting by Xisto would not break any rule, since1) YouTube will have their own TOS regarding contents of YouTube. Therefore, if YouTube takes it down you'll simply have a broken embed2) Since YouTube and Xisto have similar TOS for web contents, it's safe to say that if it's alright with YouTube it will be alright with Xisto.However, Xisto will not forbid you from hosting your own videos. The rules is that you will not ONLY use Xisto for hosting videos, as in storage or off drive contents. What I will advise is uploading your own video to YouTube and then embedding to your website. There is a small instance where this too will break Xisto TOS: when you deface Xisto, use inappropriate words to degrade Xisto and/or Xisto related material(s) or person(s), this breaks your Xisto hosting TOS.This may not break YouTube's TOS but it will with Xisto TOS. Your views expressed are your own and entitled but when you specifically include names and places that are related to Xisto when using Xisto services, you are breaking Xisto's TOS. YouTube might view your opinion as "freedom of speech."

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