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Iphone Browser Emulator, Simulator

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Alright, it's not like I did not search the web--I have.But I cannot seem to find what I am looking for, exactly. What I am looking for is an iPhone or iPod Touch browser emulator or simulator that works exactly like the device. I have seen other emulators and they only mimic the width and some functionality.I am interested in the way the alert message box pops up. I like to see what TAB does when input box, input drowndown or textbox appears. I want to be able to see the resizing or not resizing when the browser's width is smaller than the page created.Thankfully, my girlfriend has iPhone which I can test my web page. But borrowing her iPhone whenever I want to see the function is driving my girl to the next level. Anyone know of a good site/program that can handle my criteria? Or, do I need to go out and get iPod Touch to get what I want? I've tried Safari but it's a full browser and so it does not fully function when it comes to zooming in for inputs and text entries.Greatly appreciate it :P

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