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Inumbr.com Incoming Phone Lines

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Have you ever hesitated before sticking your phone number on craigslist or another online website? I have. I learned my lesson once, when I posted my phone number for a website and recieved lots and lots of telemarketing calls. I could practically write down what I told those guys. So I was exploring the internet one day, and stumbled on inumbr.com. Basically, what these guys do is make an incoming phone number, registered on their server, that can be set to redirect to your phone number.(As far as I know, they don't sell out your number to telemarketers. The downside of all this is that the service USED to be free, but now the stuff starts to get pretty expensive.


With the new paid service, they offer you 3 numbers with the regular plan. Their service starts to get a little more expensive if you go over the limits(more than 120 minutes of talking, more phone numbers). Take a look:



iNumbr costs $4.95 per month which includes:


3 virtual numbers

3 Social Links

120 minutes of talk time ? additional minutes are billed at $.06 per minute

Our complete call management system (see below for features)

And then extra numbers:


$4.95/month for each additional direct dial phone number

A 3 month minimum subscription is required for DID phone numbers. There is no free trial and any current free trial period is voided with addition of a DID phone number.

Pick from any available area code


All in all, I'd say their service is pretty decent. They could've cut the costs by adding advertisments to the line, but life is life. I'd give their service a 4/5. (+4 for services, features, and overall quality. -1 for price)

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Google Voice is free and does what you stated and more...Google.com/voiceThe nice feature of google voice is that if you don't want to answer from 555-1111, simply log in and mark 555-1111 to voice mail or spam box. And you will never hear 555-1111 ringing to your forwarded phone number. You can choose to have google voice's original number to show on your caller ID or, show the actually caller's caller ID on your forwarded phone (if you have the caller ID service).SMS with google voice is totally free. You can now send and receive SMS to your google voice's number, and have that forwarded to your phone. You can call your google voice number and check voice messages just like you would check your cell phone's voice messages.

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I'm going to have to emphatically second what BuffaloHelp said. Google Voice is incredibly powerful for being (mostly) free. I actually use it for my business phone line, due to the fact that it offers free SMS transcripts of voicemails and a "do not disturb" feature that routes calls directly to voicemail. This combination means that you can get calls without ever hearing your phone ring, and then can receive a txt message containing the message they left behind.

In addition, they have many thousands of local numbers available which -you- get to choose from.

Right now you have to wait for a free invitation after you sign up, but the process was very quick back when I did it. (I got the invitation in <2 weeks.)

I highly, highly recommend their service.

Google Voice is free and does what you stated and more...

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