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Interesting Incident.

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Yesterday all of a sudden I heard my neighbor screaming. It was around 8 pm in the night. Basically they are very rich owning a good big house etc. The lady living there was screaming that somebody is there inside her room at the second floor. I ran to their house and enquired about. What I came to know was that, the man living there was gone to some party and his wife and two children were alone there at the second floor. After taking their dinner they came out for a walk and all of a sudden after walking for about 50 meters or so she thought to lock the door properly and go to market and buy some sweets for the children, so she turned back and opened the channel gate and climbed the stairs to the main door, actually up to her room there are about 10 stairs. As soon as she reached the door someone closed the door from inside. She was frightened and ran back and started screaming that somebody is there inside her room who closed the door as she reached the door. Hearing this all the round about all the colony members reached their with something or the other in their hands like hockey sticks etc. One boy came with a lock and locked the channel gate. Round about 50 people surrounded the whole house. And then she ringed her husband and called her. As soon as he heard it he left the party where he was and reached there with about 6 or 7 people along with him. In the mean while she again screamed that she can see somebody standing in her house third floor balcony. And a person residing in a neighboring house said with her yes she is right I also saw the window moving. All these made the whole atmosphere very tensed and disturbing. At last a man came forward opened the channel gate lock and with some people along with him went to the door and pushed it to opened but the door was pressurized to close by someone from inside. As soon as this happened those people started shouting and tried to push the door in force but in vein some one was pushing from inside. All of a sudden an elderly person came in between and moved everyone aside and said to get back and sat near the door and tried to see inside the room from the gap under the door. But no shoes or feet were visible, if some body was there then the feet of the person standing inside should be visible know. But amazingly this elderly man when again pushed the door in it was pushed back and some rubber padding was visible from the gap. He tried to remove that with a stick and at last what we have found was a floor wiper. Actually when that lady was going upstairs to lock the door all of a sudden this wiper fell down which was kept near the door by the servant and due to which the door moved and closed and she thought that there is someone inside her room and due to her screaming this situation was created and that 45 minutes struggle with someone unknown inside her room upstairs ended into an amazing thing instead of a thief and that was a wiper. An ironically the in between special effects like the moving window laps etc. added to the whole incident. At last all of us laughed a lot on the whole incident and moved back slowly to our respective houses.post-73445-1260167607_thumb.jpegpost-73445-1260167614_thumb.jpeg

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