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The Gta Sector.net The GTA Sector is a Grand Theft Auto fansite dedicated to GTA Gaming&#

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About Us:


The GTA Sector (aka TGTAS) is a Grand Theft Auto fansite dedicated to the video game series from Rockstar Games and Take 2 Interactive Software. We provide all the latest news for the whole Grand Theft Auto series, including the new ones!


Even though TheGTASector has been dead for nearly over a year, as I had the old Database backup (SQL) I decided to bring it back! New content, new forums, new mods, a brand new customly coded skin by the one and only Kel-F!


TheGTASector.com was first ran by me (Kel-F) and rockstarrem (a Super Moderator on TGTAP). We had to shutdown the site because I could not pay for it's existance. :D Now unfortunately I cannot use the old .com domain anymore, since some person says the .com domain is for sale at $3,000 dollars...no way am I paying for a domain for that amount of money.


So, thanks to ThomasH from over at RockstarBase.com (our affiliate/sponsor) we have a .net domain for TheGTASector. All is going pretty well at the moment with the coding, and soon will be relaunching the forums! :)


TheGTASector re-opens on the 17th of December, 2009! So, make sure you bookmark us, and visit us often, to check if were online! :D


All we need to finish doing now, is the new skin (coded by Kel-F {me}) and a few modifications, like an Awards system, [AH23]Report System, Downloads manager (preferably IP.Downloads) and perhaps an Arcade! not very much left to do before we re-open actually, so depending on how long our domain will take to register on it's new host (since we had DNS name server changing issue's) the time may be delayed a few days.


TheGTASector Misc Stuff:


We don't have any banners, graphics or graphic ads right now, so if anyone would mind helping us, I'd really appreciate that contribution toward TheGTASector! :o


Thank you to all who are willing to help us.



TheGTASector Founder


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Hi Sky!It's nice to know that someone is building up a community around my favorite computer game series. Apart from Grand Theft Auto, I also like Monkey Island, which is an adventure game. I like WarCraft III too but the limitation on the number of units gets annoying; the game play is more fun than the Age of Empires; I never made the shift to the World of WarCraft.BTW, have any of you folks tried playing Multi Theft Auto? It is a mod over Grand Theft Auto that enables multi-player game play. The Counter Strike-like gameplay in Multi Theft Auto is fun. You can also roam about in the city in free-play mode but that gets boring after a while when playing on the online servers (try it to figure out what I mean).

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Hey thanks for your reply and comment Nitin. :) I do have MTA yes. :D I've played WarCraft 3 and Age of Empires too. :D I have both Multi Theft Auto and GTA San Andreas: Multiplayer. :D (SA:MP) B)More updates upon TGTAS will be incoming. :o

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