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for your alexa rank, you need more visitors to your site. you can do this by advertising your site more....either through good seo through the search engines, ads on google adwords(which costs money), you can try to get a list of the most popular forums and start posting on them with your sig file at the bottom and once in a while advertizing your site directly on those forums. you can also advertsize on the free or paid classified sites. get your name out there to increase your traffif. this will increase your alexa rank. for pr, you need to start placing your links on other websites that are similar to yours. you have a pr of 2 so i would suggest placing your link on websites with a pr of 4 or higher. when they place your link on their site, they are also giving you some extra pr. it wont cause their own pr to go down, but will allow yours to rise.

also, practice good seo techniques. good title, good description, good keywords to target for your high rankings for those keywords in google. every page you create should be a different title, description, and different targeted keywords. don't make the mistake as most people and have the same title, description and keywords for every page.

for targeted keywords, i don't mean a keywords metatag. i mean construct your site around 2 keywords per page. this will give you higher ranking in the search engines which means more alexa rank and possibly higher pr at the same time

don't be fooled by page rank though. use pr as only a guide. it is never accurate in how google determines your position in the search engine rankings. this is why sometimes you will see a pr5 website lower in the rankings than a pr3.

i quickly looked over the seo techniques of your website and found them to be pretty good. could be better. what i found REALLY funny and hillarious though is you are asking how to increase your alexa rank and your pr when you have a couple pages on your website dedicate to seo techniques...i think you may offer that as a service? if you know so much to put the services on your website, then why in the heck would you be asking some of the most basic questions on seo in a forum?!?!?!?

did you create the site or did someone else? something is fishy here.....

what are do that increase my alexa traffice rank and also how to increase my website page rank that time my website page rank two but i want to increase my website page rank more than two
then what should be do my website is : http://www.vabinfoit.com/

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