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Phpbb Way In ?

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If you mean you want to upload PHP files to the website itself to be run (like adding features that are PHP based) then no. The access you have is to the forum ONLY. It's like having admin access in google earth on your PC, you can change google earth's settings etc... but unless you have an admin account on the PC itself you cant change the computer or install new things. In your case you have access to edit the forums, like changing posts, subforums, deleting stuff, changing rules etc... But the server the forum runs on you have no control over. You can still upload PHP scripts to the forum as an attachment to a post but of course it wont run, it will simply be a plain text file attached to a post. You would need to contact the webmaster with regards to gaining access to the server in which case you would probably use some sort of FTP software to upload the PHP to the server.

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