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[css] Eventscripts Plugins

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Hey all.

For those of you who like Counter-Strike: Source...for those of you who own a Counter-Strike: Source server I bring a few very handy addons. I have been coding some eventscript addon/scripts for my community servers. For LivinDead. Then I thought, "why not publish them"...to people..to players and owners of servers for Counter-Strike: Source!

I'll be uploading my addons to Matties EventScripts manager, and on our LivinDead Forums Client Area, which is available for download!

Downloads to my plugins will be coming soon! :P

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Im looking forward! :)

With the arguments and hatred you've put me in Phoenix, you wont be getting download access to them..they are not on offer to backstabbers, sorry.

^(My option of talking freely. Sorry to the Mods.)



RSWG (Round-Start Weapon Giver): is already completed, and works effectively. It gives players weapons at some round starts, also giving them a note/message using an eventscript syntax.


MugMod: WIP (Work In Progress)


ServerAds: My custom ServerAdverts mod for ES is in complete stage and is working.


More updates soon !

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