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Unreal 3 Help! Strange Alternate Fire Problem

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The game works fine, until i click alternate fire (default right click but ive also got it as secondary on mouse 3 which is clicking the scroll wheel) and either way it will randomly spin me around so my crosshair and character is pointing at the floor, behind me or generally off target. This only happens online though not in the single player mode... Why is this?!?!?!
It also happens in combat arms online so i cant use the secondary fire basically! I am using a gaming mouse (speedlink styx) but the settings say right click is just right clicky, not spin or anything weird like that.

Its really annoying me and means i basically cant play online so please someone help me!!

Doh... It was the drivers, i installed the disk when i got the machine and tried un-installing using the disk last night and the problem went away, i was too busy respawning last night to reply :P
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