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Btw what browser support should they add more then Firefox/Mozilla? :D

Safari perhaps? Opera? Konqueror? Give people a chance to choose which browser they want to use, you know. :D

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I didn't see any topics about it yet :D


Google has released the beta of Google Maps, a handy map thing if you live in the US. Here is a tour, if you want to know  what it can do.


So far only IE and Firefox/Mozilla are supported.


Just tried it out, it is great, I would say, very nice clear and big map, much better than what mapquest, msn and yahoo offered. didn't notice any ads either. I will try the direction later.

if only google can add the satelite picture to the map that would be wonderful, google has just bought such a company called keyhole, one can only hope...

but let us just say, we can see the demise of mapquest very very soon.

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