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How To Get Off The Ground-and Some Advertizsing

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Here's a short guide to help you get off your feet when it comes to advertising, and incorporating a bit of SEO.


Figuring out your niche

When you start a website, you have to know what it is going to be about. In general, you want to be as specific as you can, while still getting traffic. If you want to start a shop online that sells computer parts, computer parts is a wide term, so you may first want to start selling laptop parts, or even Dell laptop parts to start off with. It will be hard to conquer the keyword of "laptop parts" but if you work up from "Dell laptop parts" to "laptop parts", it will be easier to dominate than starting off with "laptop parts".


Naming a website

For the most part, you will want your website name to be somewhat relevant to the topic of the website. For example "Al's Dell Laptop Parts" for your laptop parts store. With the new Web 2.0 phenomena, there are such things as web 2.0 names. These names are chosen completely random, and are nice if you are looking for a .com domain that isn't taken yet. You can find a good Web 2.0 name generator here: http://www.dotomator.com/web20.html .


Relevant keywords

It's a proven point that META keyword tags aren't as important as they used to be. Google admits they don't use them, and other search engines don't factor them in that much into results. I would suggest putting in 4-8 relevant keywords into your META keywords tag, just to cover what a few search engines use to calculate your ranks. META description is a great factor into where you are in search results, so make sure you create a good, enhanced description in your pages.


When you link your site in other sites, make sure you link it with a relevant keyword attached to it. Yisit My Website gives you nothing in SEO, except maybe a backlink. Al's Dell Laptop Parts is much better, as you link your company name and a keyword or two to this site. However Laptop Parts is probably the best thing to do, as very few people will search for "Al" when they are looking for laptop parts.


When you are setting up links, try to set them up on dofollow sites, as opposed to nofollow sites. Nofollow means that a search engine will ignore the link, and won't associate the link with the site it is linking it to. This is almost useless when it comes to placing your site on other sites, if the link is nofollow, minus a few people who click on the link. Dofollow means that the search engine will follow your link, and associate it with the site linking to your site, which is good for your site.


Nofollow is a great tool for SEOing your site though, if you want to block off a section from search engines, you can do so with nofollow. It is also good if you have redundant links.


Overall, that is all I can think of for now. If you want me to expand or have any questions, please post here.

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