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Livindead (css Clan)

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Hello members of Xisto and players of the great Counter-Strike: Source!

My clan LivinDead (LvN-D) is recruiting new members, and we want to develop to a big community! So, if you'd like to join our community please post in this topic so I can PM you to signup and apply at our clan forum. :P Sorry for the word below in the "We don't recruit ....".

Join Our Community!
You can join our community by going to our Registration page. Also note, that your permissions are still limited as your now in the validation step, you must complete email validation before you get full access to our forum and site. Registration on the website is of course absolutely free and you will require a working email address to confirm your registration.

Joining LivinDead (LvN-D)
We don't let just any old person join, you have to prove yourself by playing in our servers. If you're turning up here thinking you're going to join us in a in a few minutes, you're sorely mistaken. In most cases it takes a few days to be recruited, and thats just the lucky ones! People (not players) rarely leave LivinDead, if they do, we never really seem to get rid of them. :lol:

We don't recruit twats!
Quite frankly we ain't interested in having silly little kids, or 'idiots or twits' (mainly gobby teanagers, you know the ones), if this is something you're looking for, or are, you're not in the right place at all. However, IF your an active player and enjoy the 'whole' online gaming expereince, where you can make friends from all over the world, then you have found yourself a new home! :(

So it's really quite easy to get recruited. Just don't be an idiot infront of server admins! :(

CS:S Server IP:
TeamSpeak 2 Server IP:

Other Links: LivinDead (LvN-D) Website | LivinDead Global Bans | Server Ban List | LivinDead Server(s) |

Please do not abuse your permission to use our TeamSpeak server.

So, thank you and I look forward to seeing your applications and comments on my clan LivinDead! :(

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LivinDead Prison Break (66tick) server! (Recruiting and needing players!)




Well, LivinDead has 2 servers. Our other server does not run Eventscripts unfortunately because the host doesn't allow/recommend ES. He says it crashes the server... (when I know it does not.)


Our community clan is recruiting and seeking for more members.


Leaders: |LvN-D|LDR|Sky.IT, |LvN-D| Darkcutuan.

Co-Leaders: |LvN-D| Carlos

LvN-D Members:

|LvN-D| Dye (Core Admin)

|LvN-D| TheMe (Junior Admin)

|LvN-D| UnKn0wN (Senior Admin)

|LvN-D| Gokky (Server Technical Admin)

|LvN-D| TNT-Killer (Junior Admin)

|LvN-D| Outasync

|LvN-D| F0rs4k3nn

|LvN-D| Flame

|LvN-D| VIP_Sexion.PT

|LvN-D| Bladepwner

|LvN-D| Spurious

|LvN-D| Mxfox

|LvN-D| NorgeEier<3

|LvN-D| Sheep

|LvN-D| Josh

|LvN-D| Cyclone

|LvN-D| Samuel L. Jackson

|LvN-D| Psycho

|LvN-D| Snoopi

|LvN-D| Grej

|LvN-D| ωдkřcядҚř

|LvN-D| eXperience

|LvN-D| .DoNkeY

|LvN-D| Gravity Cat

|LvN-D| D34DLY

|LvN-D| ťťнєяσŤŤ

|LvN-D| ๖ۣۜMüF

|LvN-D| ƒĘ.::Jesus::.KWF.::


|LvN-D| Conor // Subbers

|LvN-D| •Shanks•

|LvN-D| *Philly-S*

|LvN-D| єҲтяємє

|LvN-D| MaStEr ChiEf

|LvN-D| Luke Teh Rockzor ٿ [uK]

|LvN-D| Guardian

|LvN-D| ๖ۣۜۜĦīŧ мдл

|LvN-D| smartmart

|LvN-D| Kill me or die trying

|LvN-D| BeJe

|LvN-D| SuperMatadorPrisonGuard

|LvN-D| TeRmY

|LvN-D| (= !*ßňóMęr*! =)

|LvN-D| Joker

|LvN-D| AlєxJ |XC| 3467

|LvN-D| BAM BAM(◣_◢)[swE]

|LvN-D| Den Chris

|LvN-D| DiZzY

|LvN-D| GoLdMaN

|LvN-D| mufans11

|LvN-D| Project: O.V.E.R.L.A.Y|D3

|LvN-D| Zero

|LvN-D| SanDER

|LvN-D| TeChNo PizZunK۶

|LvN-D| Th@Playboy

|LvN-D| XkillerAlexX

|LvN-D| ๖ۣۜZşőÔőşM

|LvN-D| ΛК|3řx ๖ۣۜDeddel


If your looking to join us, in our big community, please don't hesitate to apply! :lol:


Our website: http://livindead.crew.sk/

Our Servers:

|LivinDead|LvN-D|Surf Deathmatch|1000FPS| -

|LivinDead|LvN-D|PRISON BREAK!|66tick| -


-Sky (LivinDead Leader & Owner) (My Steam: sibba_93 - http://steamcommunity.com/id/cyber_93/

Edited by -Sky- (see edit history)

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