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Help! Office 2003>2007 Upgrade Issues Permission denied.... Help?

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EDIT:Can someone also tell me which files/folders/info is deleted when a windows machine is shutdown. The answer could tell me where i might find the files which seem to be causing the problem below. Anyone?Hi folks. So, at work (which is a school, 150+ computers) we have a network, running on netware i believe (im new) with XP on the workstations using the novell client login solutions (including zenworks) and of course the usual shared folders on the network which is where "My Documents" is mapped to and then all round shares mapped to drives. On these shares we have MS Office documents from the 2003 version, among other files. We have upgraded the workstations to 2007 and got new workstations for classrooms which have had a fresh install of XP and office 2007 and then imaged and rolled out to the other machines. These new machines work fine. However, on the old workstations which were upgraded from 2k3>2k7 we get an "access denied - Contact administrator" error when trying to access *any* 2003 office documents. There are workarounds which include copying the server document to the local desktop, and working on it and then copy/pasting back to the server (all staff have all permissions except admin on these shares, that includes read write and modify, so its not a novell permissions error) or using Open Office to open the server version with no problems at all. Again showing its not a network permissions error but instead an office 2k7 permissions glitch. Interestingly this only happens on machines that had a trial version of 2003 prior to a full install of 2k7 or machines which first had 2k3 and then were updated to 2k7. So the problems seems to lie with 2003.But wait, there is another curiosity....I have a laptop here that i am setting up for staff using an image which already contains 2k7 and again, the problem strikes. I found an article online which said to change the registry key under LSA that deals with anonymous access (cant remember its name) to 0. I did that and rebooted and the problem went away, i could access documents. However, its temporary, and after re-imaging the machine to check the version that was on the image i checked and the problem wasnt there. Brilliant i though. But alas, i logged off my account (cdavis) and logged back in on *the same* account, cdavis and the problem returned. Rebooted the machine, logged on as cdavis, problem is gone. Logged off and on again and the problem was back. Tried it with a couple other accounts and it seems that after rebooting the machine and logging on the first time with any account (lets go with cdavis) it works so:reboot>Logon (cdavis)>Works perfectly.Logoff>Logon (cdavis)>No workey>reboot>logon (cdavis)>works....etc....Also a sequence of changing the logon name works so:reboot>logon (cdavis)>Works>logoff>logon (admin)>works>logoff>logon (user1)>works>logoff>logon (cdavis) again>No workey....So there is definitely a file being saved locally somewhere, some sort of temp file or cache file that windows keeps during the session and doesnt delete on LOGOFF, it does however delete it during STARTUP or SHUTDOWN.My question is, why? What does this file contain that somehow changes the user's credentials the second time, or somehow persuades off 2k7 to break? And also where is this file? If i know where it is i can write a script that deletes it on LOGOFF so that if the user logs off and relogs on it will be fine. Asking users to reboot every time they want to relog on just wont work(it happens, the machines are used all day every day so if it doesnt get shut down and the same user as earlier tries logging on it will fail). So i need a solution that enables me to clear this file off, or stop it being made, edited, corrupted, whatever. There are many forums with this problem but no-one has yet found a solution. The systems are all XP SP3, fully updated with XP and optional office 2k7 updates. I have full admin rights so permissions arent an issue for me, and other users are able to open all other types of files from the same folders, or use open office to open the "problem" files, so it is definitely a problem within office 2k7 and not the server.Please help!!

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