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Need Help With An Autorespoder Script heres a snippet of the code...

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i have two messages in my auto responder and the output is supposed to be:

but i keep getting the output:

can someone help me by just looking at this part of the code? I don't know cgi and don't want to screw up the code with trial and error.

periods.txt is the file that tells when to issue each message. if there are two messages like i have, there will only be two values in that file:

in my web folder, i have

print "<p><b><u>Edit Messages</u></b></p>\n"; print "<table>\n";	open(FILE,"$FORM{'ar'}/periods.txt");		flock(FILE,$LOCK_EX);		foreach(<FILE>) {push(@periods,$_)}	close(FILE);	@periods[0]=0;	$numb=0;	opendir(DIR,"@_[0]") || die "Cannot open $userdir!";		while (@files=readdir(DIR)) {			foreach $file(@files){				if ($file ne ".." && $file ne "." && $file ne "" && $file=~/letter\d*\.txt/) {					push(@list1,$file);					@listing=sort blia @list1;					@listing[$#listing]=~/(\d+)/;					$num=$1;					if($numb>$#periods){@periods[$numb]=@periods[$numb-1]+1};					print "<tr><td><p><a href='$scripturl?mode=read&fname=@listing[$#listing]&ar=@_[0]&num=$1&password=$FORM{'password'}'>Message $num</a></p></td><td><p> sent after <INPUT class='edit1' name=@listing[$#listing] size='5' value='@periods[$numb]'> days";					($pattach)=getattach("$FORM{'ar'}/@listing[$#listing]");					$pattach=~/.*\.(.*)$/;					if ($pattach ne ""){						$size=-s "$FORM{'ar'}/upfile$num.$1";						print " with attachment: <font color='red'>$pattach</font> ($size bytes)</p></td></tr>";					} else {						print "</p></td></tr>";					}					$numb++;				}			}		};	close(DIR);	if ($#listing==-1){		print "<tr><td><p>You have no letters!</p></td></tr>";	} else {	};	$newlet=$#listing+2; print "</table>";

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