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Chelsea Banned From Transfer Market To 2011

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Hello all at Xisto!
I thought I best stay out of the way from the moderator's after learning my lesson.

Today I was reading the news about Chelsea, Before you say no I don't support them I support the Gunners!
Oh yes the one and only Gunners.

Here is where I read this from. Fifa who gave the ban.

After reading it, Yes I do read also :lol: . I saw that Manchester United could be next if they dont buck up there way of buying a player.
Now, Chelsea are appealing against this decision strongly. Personally I think they deserved it. But I didn't think it should come on that player.

What do you think?

// Gunners = Arsenal

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Are they starting a "target the English clubs campaign"? Following the decision to punish Eduardo and Arsenal, now it is Chelsea. Come on, tell me which is the worst culprits? Barcelona have done it. Real Madrid too. But why didnt anyone do something to them. Likewise, many others clubs have players who dives, imo, the worst being the spanish and italian players, yet no one so much as to bat an eyelid till Eduardo. If the ppl at FIFA and UEFA have something against the English Clubs, take them to task in a fair and just way. Not some low blow here and there.Btw, I am nt a Chelsea fan.

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