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Healthy Tips

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Here are some tips to healthy eating:a.you need different nutrients for everyday eating(more than 40), this mean you will need more than one food supply.Daily food can be bread and vegetables and especially fish and other protein containing or rich protein food supplies.b.Concentrate on eating fruits and vegetables.c.Maintan a regular weight, which means you must not be too thin because this increases risk for osteoporosis and similar conditions, also being fat increases risk for diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke..etc.d.Eat often and use reasonable portions, because this helps stomach.e.Eat regularly, because skipping can lead to hunger and result to overeating which can harm your organism.Why should you avoid drinking?- light drinkers have less acute hospitalization than abusers- one to four drinks helps cognitive functions- gastro intestinal problems- hipertension- coronary heart disease- heart attacks- osteoporosis- strokes- ulcer- vision- cancersHealthy working, what to do even if your colleges are not healthy ??- Wash your hands very often , when you go to restroom, before and after eating, when sneezing or when your colleges do that.- Clean your workplace, computer and keyboard as these places contain germs and can reinfect you.-eat breakfast, don't skip this meal, because you will problems during the day and in the future with stomach-Avoid sick people, try to avoid contact with them because they can be contagious-Drink water because it can help you not dehydrate because coffee can do that-take breaks and keep moving around the room as this keeps your body in shape-Take vacations, because they help eliminate stress which contributes to illness-Quit smoking as it causes or is a predisposing factor to an unlimited number of diseases.

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