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Call Of Duty Nazi Zombie Text Glitch Tuts Beet those God*** zombies to the ground

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Wall Breach

Round #One

Step1: Player A must walk as far into a barrier as possible (the barriers that zombies climb through).
Step2: Player A must kill themselves whilst walking into the barrier.
Step2a: Make sure Player A is facing the barrier whilst on last stand
step4: Player B must survive the round.

Round #Two

step1: Player B must then kill themselves in the exact same place as Player 1 did.
step2: Player A MUST survive the round.(obvious)

Round #Three

Player B is in a Glitch.
Works on any window, as far as i know
For help, message me, KilNusnce2008 On XBLive, or email me at AnthonyLazarony@gmail.com
Glitch #2
Verruckt Barrier Glitch
Jump-Crouch into the double to machine from the stairs direction
Stay crouched and turn One-Eighty from the Double Tap Machine
crouch-walk to the corner
do step 3 in reverse
Open Discussion -> Posting New Topict/RiGHT, You can turn, and go forward to the MP40, but dont get too far from the wall
OFFLINE ONLY, Nacht Der Untoten
Go up the main room stairs, Yes, the room you started in.
Turn left and walk straight,tern left again
Sprint forward towards the grenades, and when you get to the can on the ground,
Crouch jump into the grenades

!TRICKY to GET the HANG of!
Multi Weapons (Online still?) -- Verruckt
Buy Bouncing Bettys or have them. Have at least 1 perk you dont have.
Waste ONE ONE ONE ONE! Bouncing betty, or use it wisely >:)
Go up to a perk machine which you DO NOT HAVE!
Set down your bouncing betty, And as soon as the counter ( showing how many bouncing bettys are left)
goes to zero, hold X ( or [] for Playstation Three )
you will have no gun in your hands, go find a gun you want, or spin the box, and buy it

You now have 3 guns.

I will add more glitches later that are NEW and i find

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I couldnt merge this for some reason kept getting some error...First, You must joina multiplayer Or start a network link, Co-op game of Nazi ZombehsThen before anyone kills a zombie (<--- IMPORTANT), Kill yourself where the wall meets the stair debris with a grenadeNo One Should Revive you! They probably wouldnt anyways >:)When you come back in round #2 ( or the next round ), Go to the Poped out corner by the Hanging Man.Pronify Yourself ( Go Prone ) at a 180^ angle to the corner.Crawl into the wall like a babyCrouch up, If you cant stand all the way up, you are in it.THIS can BE DONE ANY TIME, And up to 2 people can do it per game.____________________________________

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map help, xbox live pointsCall Of Duty Nazi Zombie Text Glitch Tuts

I want to know if there is away to get all the other zombie maps without purchasing them. And how do I get 3200 points for free cause I need the zombie maps and the mythic pack for halo3 I know this is asking a lot but I just need help. And is it possible to send a person xbox live points. And how can I survive in solo mode on the first map without dying. If someone can answer all my questions I really appreciate it

- billybob


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