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Modern Warfare 2 Info Some MW2 Info

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The experience for modern warfare 2 has been increased to 50Pts Per Kill. ("Revenge" kill gives you 200 points)

Points for getting "Revenge" (I believe what they mean is if an enemy kills you a few times in a row with out you killing them or them dying and then you finally kill him. Dunno just speculation)


There IS going to be a MW2 Controller, The design is unkown.


Challenges are back (At :33 you get Buzzkill which grants points for stopping an enemy just short of a killstreak)( people will get this on me alot i get 4 kills then ka-BLAM dead) This will certainly be the most frustrating challenge for people on the receiving end as it stops people short of using the unlocked kill streaks, which they spent time CUSTOMIZING :)


C4 Is comin backz!!!!!


Helicopters are back in the gamezerz


Customize your Kill Streak Layout

11Kills allows you to be a gunner for a figher jet ( forget the name ), with the enemy outlined in red


They are taking physics as far as they can ( grenades will roll, Printers will fly, underground piped will break, etc )


POSSIBLE KillCam Saving/Sharing!

Posted Image

This is the computer you use to call in the AC-130.





Posted Image



Posted Image

DPad Area, greanadses ammo, etc


Posted Image

Apparently your radar can now be jammed and this is how your mini-map will look



Misc. Notes



These are just some notes I wanted to pass along to ya'll that are difficult to explain just through the use of pictures.


- While firing from the AC-130, there is roughly a two second time span between firing a shell and the shell meeting its target.


- The old sound of you're bullet/shell hitting a target is back.


- At 0:32 seconds in the video (search on youtube, on infinitywards channel), it appears they are leading the target but still hitting him and eventually killing him. Could this mean an addition of bullet time?


- New death animation and camera angle.


- It would appear that you get more points per kill. Some people are worried about this, but it doesn't matter because they will scale the game mode score limits, challenges, and the prestige system so it is just as equal as it was in MW:1.

Thanks for reading


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Nice reviewModern Warfare 2 Info

 Nice review Anthony,  we're using a couple of your images on our website MW2 review.  Hope you check it out, just register and login, and help us build a database of info on MW2.  http://www.hackhunters.com/content.php > Game > ModernWarfare2 > MultiPlayer Insight.

best of luck and keep adding the info, well done.

-reply by GreenBean

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