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High End Gpu At The Moment The nvidia gtx 295

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its a single PCB card with gtx 200 series procesors in it. In windows device manager is showed as SLI . The graphics memory consists of 896MB per core for a total of 1792MB running through 2 448 bit buses at 1000MHz. The GTX295 supports both Physx and Cuda technologies and is designed to take advantage of both SLI and Physx operations, by designating one of the onboard GPUs to Phsyx to improve game performance and realism.
i got it last week. The gaming has got a diferent view from that moment.
users of this cards can share some benchmarks
ill do it first.
In GTA IV i made up with this:

StatisticsAverage FPS: 65.37
Duration: 37.08 sec
CPU Usage: 35%
System memory usage: 45%
Video memory usage: 98%

Graphics Settings
Video Mode: 1440 x 900 (60 Hz)
Texture Quality: High
Texture Filter Quality: Highest
View Distance: 26
Detail Distance: 100

Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate
Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate
Video Adapter: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 295
Video Driver version: 186.18
Audio Adapter: Speakers (SoundMAX Integrated Digital HD Audio)
IntelŽ Core i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz

i did this with only 1 procesor from the GTX 295 because GTA IV Doesn't support SLI technology . Only CF. So all GTA players are expecting a patch from r games.

I hope u like my post.

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Interesting, I find that the GTX 295 is a bit overkill for graphics, and if your looking for performance its not the best you can get. I have seen setups such as 2x ATI 4870 CrossfireX achieve better frames from the GTX series, and the ATI cards are over $200 cheaper. Personally the classic Nvidia 9800gx2 x2 setup would be a good one to get, cheap and high graphics performance. Gets Stalker: Clear Sky DX10 working at about 30 frames even, but thats only with a Dual Core and 2GB of ram at 667mhz.My setup is only a Quad Core Q8200, 4GB RAM @ 1667mhz, and a 9500gt. Got all that plus a 22" monitor LG at only $800 AUD. Which is very cheap, and I can play GTA IV at medium at high resolution :(

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