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How Good Are Sites Like Fwebtraffic.com

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I recently came across a site called fwebtraffic.com which claims that it can direct 1 million to your website in a month! I was a bit skeptical about this and read more about the site.


The procedure is simple but its functionality is questionable. Users have to sign up at the site to submit their website url, but the catch is that the sign-up process involves clicking ads of 6 websites. Each website has to be viewed for 15 seconds, after which they get a code from that website. After entering all 6 codes, the user can finally submit his url to the site. Then your site gets added to another list of 6 sites, which another unsuspecting user clicks and views your site for 15 seconds. There's a long series of clicks and it ultimately adds up to one million visitors in one month!


This may all seem very good to read, but how many of those million viewers will actually decide to sign-up at your site based on what he sees in 15 seconds? The million visitors might be more interested in submitting their own url's than viewing the six sites with keen interest! So such a theory might be good to hear but I feel that in real life it doesn't work out, because this is just fake traffic and a sheer wastage of bandwidth.


Does anyone here use such a site, and if yes, did you have favourable results? Please let me and all others know. Thanks a lot.

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