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Phpdesigner Newbie Questions

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I'm trying out phpDesigner which looks pretty good, I have a few hopefully simple questions for the people who use it. Let's say I have an .HTML file that contains Javascript code. I set the highlighting to Intelligent highlighting. It highlights the html correctly, but it makes the < script > block of javascript completely one colour, orange. Is there any way to make it highlight the JavaScript block normally (different colours) or is the single colour the only way it does it ? Another question.. the Code Explorer on the right side, handy feature, but does it only work for PHP? There's no option to make it work with JS? What about Code Completion/Glossary for JS? The PHP one works good, but there is no JS code completion. Is there no download-able "extension" that adds that? I'd find it very helpful to have a little definition/syntax hint window pop up for javascript too.

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