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Website Review Of Our Classifieds Website Website Review of our Classifieds Website

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We are looking for some feedback (good and bad) for our new classifieds website. Its called http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ and we would really like some help with ideas and feedback etc. You can email your feedback to flogitireland@yahoo.ie or just reply to this post with your feedback. Thanks so much in advance!


Also if you would like to post anything on the website it will be Free of charge for a limited time only and you will also be entered into a draw to win a 40inch HD Television!

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A small issue I found on the Home page was the Category headings and the sub-category list item were not distinctly different and that leads to difficulty when trying to notice the heading labels.The Category should be larger text, which it is, and the sub-categories should be offset from the headings when you view the page, making the headings stand out more. The code you have will not be easy to adapt, either. All the subcategories are inside their own table cell. They could be placed into UL/LI lists with a class for sub-cats and then you could target them by the class, adding some margin-left or something.Just something I noticed.

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