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Kid That I Went To School With

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So just under a couple of hours ago what one might call a flame war broke out on facebook involving me and this kid that I went to school with who's name is Matthew Fickett. Shortly after people started pointing out that the conversation was not going in his favor he deleted his posts, lucky for me was I knew he was going to do this, so I took screen shots. What is missing from here is his post saying he was happy then my response of dislike. I'm just stating that before he can post and say that I was leaving that out to make my self look better. Click the read more button.


Here is all the text.


Matthew Fickett

I'm sorry I'm happy with a girl you liked :lol:


Tom McClellan

I still like her, but just as a friend, and its not that why I dislike it when you are happy. Its because you think you know every thing with computers. Matt you don't know anything about computers. You may have the basics down but really that's nothing. Tell me one complex thing that you can do with a computer.


Tom McClellan

you 1337 h4x0r you


Matthew Fickett

Haha is that what this is about? Wow well, seeming how I fix computers and I don't know everything, I can say I know computers pretty well. If there is a driver problem or a currupted system file, or maby a virus or what ever else, I can fix it. If it's hacking or stuff like that, no clue. I've fixed alot of computer in my life time and I must be doing something right to have a huge customer contact data base and business relationships under my belt


Jason Levandoski at 10:53pm May 28

Matt, I really don't have time to properly own you but I'm going to say it like this: eventually you're going to be out of high school and people are going to realize that not only do you not know what the hell you're talking about but you don't have any sort of certification to entitle you to repair computers professionally. In fact, you've nerver so much as taken a class. You site is three of four different kinds of unprofessional and when you do realize exactly how true these things are, I hope so much that it hits you hard enough to knock you on your pretentious <beep>.


Tom McClellan at 11:04pm May 28

Don't get me started on "his sites". Most people know, but I guess some don't, but when you take some ones licensed content that sthats "you can use this if..." and you brake the if part that this is considered stealing, plagiarizing, and just all around wrong to do. But when you use it on a business site to make money that is just wrong. What makes it worse is both free template sites that you got them from (yes I found them) both state in there TOS (terms of service) that 1 the sites can not be used on sites used to make money and 2 that removing the linkbakcs would also brake the copy right laws. The best part is that you are using illegal content on an insurance website, that says something about the company.


Matthew Fickett


Too bad I payed for that template. You really don't know what your talking about. I PAYED for it. It's mine I own it. Why don't you take your gay <beep> and your friends and go cry to someone else. Do I see your name out there fixing computers? No. I have connections with people you wouldn't even think I would have. It's called business relations. Something obviously you people don't have. If someone asked me about you guys, I would say your horrible now and you treat other people and companies like crap.


Brandi Smith at 11:14pm May 28

Normally I wouldn't say anything but seriously Fickett, just because you're mad at someone, that does NOT give you the right to be an <beep> about their sexuality. That's just completely ignorant. You need to just <beep> off because Jason and Tom never did a <beep> thing to you, you're just an idiot. Like I said I normally wouldn't give a *BLEEP* because I'm used to you being an idiot but Tom and Jason are amazing people so shut the <beep> up.


Brandi Smith at 11:17pm May 28

And also...what kind of moron asks a girl who has been dating a guy for FIVE MONTHS to kiss him? You. You're an idiot.


Jason Levandoski at 11:21pm May 28

Matt, I perform at least 4 repairs (and I fix the problems that I encounter ;P) in a month. I don't care who you have "business connections" with, but what I do know is that you've started throwing around "gay" and you know what, Matt? I am gay, I am emotionally and physically attracted to other men. What's really cool though is that I'm not attacking you for things that you can't help, I'm merely pointing out that I think you're being rather pretentious by expecting to be lauded with praise for something you've invested little to no time in while also suggesting that you're better at it than I am. I've poured my entire life, sweat, blood and tears into this sort of thing and it seems ridiculous to me that you think that since you can use google and defragment a hard drive you're entitled to the same recognition as I. And being gay has nothing at all to do with how good I am at it.


Jason Levandoski at 11:21pm May 28



Tom McClellan at 11:24pm May 28


Really Matt? you don't see me out there... Who have you asked if I'm there tech guy. How many websites to be running at once is enough. Right now Im running 26 web sites 3 I created and passed over full controls of the site (left them with news posting tools). Some small ones you may have heard of. http://www.ellsworthrotary.org/ http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ I am also in talks with an electric company for doing there networking, but they only do small jobs where I would have to be working on networks with over 500 computers but I guess that is small for the almighty Matt. Regarding fixing computers, I do fix them and for people, quite frequently actually, but I usely do it for free because its something easy. That's right every one if you have any easy problems with your computers contact me and Ill fix them for you for free. I will also give free chat or phone tech. Why would i charge $20 to defrag someone computer. Just because someone has no idea how to use a computer dose not mean that I have to try to milk as much money from the person I can. My client that Im going to work with tomorrow needs her business wireless networked for 20 computers all need new hardware, we need a router and stuff, when she talked to my dad he talked her up to $100 for that 2 hours worth of work. I talked her down. to $50. You may not know this Matt but this is tough times for most Americans. Most Americans have at least one computer in there house, this is good and bad for us computer tech people because when you give a computer to people like my Aunt who can hardly turn the *BLEEP*ing thing on things are guarantied to brake. But this also means I this day and age where money is tight for the average American that they can not afford to get it fixed for hundreds of $.


And wow your are attacking me for what you think is my sexual preference (witch you are wrong about by the way) and my friends sexual preference (witch you are, well never mind there) is just <beep> wrong. Matt if you talked to any of my computer clients you would know that what I do for them is amazing, for one i use all original content, all my own images or ones the client has provided. I don't have to use a template that I may or may not have bought. Just to let you know though but if you had bought the 2 templates in question they would not have all the stuff that a skilled coder would notice right of the bat in the code.


well that's just my two since and trust me just because You removed them from face book dose not stop me from posting them else where.






FaceBook Chat Log


Matthew 11:01pm

tell your gay friends to stop talking to me. i'm so hurt :(wa wa waaa. you guys need to leave me alone. it's what I do for a living. not a career. get over it


Tom 11:01pm

why not post that so the world can see that matt


Matthew 11:29pm

end everything


Tom 11:33pm


why matt

I did nothing wrong

i was joking and you attacked me. That was the bad move on your part


Matthew 11:35pm


wait....you were joking? so you admit it. you started everything


Tom 11:35pm


i was joking about the dislike part

im glad u are happy

that was the part i was joking about


Matthew 11:35pm


your random


Tom 11:35pm


the rest is realy how I feel

yes I am random


Matthew 11:36pm




that has nothing to do with anything on my facebook


Tom 11:36pm


and just because u deleted some post dont think i dident take screen shots


Matthew 11:36pm


and no i dont know everything or is a know it all


Tom 1:36pm


because i knew thay would go away after it got going

i got all your posts in pics

all the prof is there


Matthew 11:37pm




Tom 11:37pm


and trust me it will all be back up


Matthew 11:37pm


not if your not my friend


Tom 11:37pm


how will that stop me from posting somthing on my page and my websites?

google is amazing Matt


Matthew 11:38pm


your an *bottom*


Tom 11:38pm

yes, i can be, but only to people that need it


Matthew 11:43pm


you done yet?


Tom 11:44pm




Matthew 11:45pm


good cuz your only hurting yourself


Matthew is offline. 11:45pm








Credit Dew Where Credit Is Needed


Theses are the sites that Matt has stolen code from.


Website Matt is using it on: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/

Author: Reality Software

Website: http://www.realitysoftware.ca/

Note: This is a free template released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license,

which means you can use it in any way you want provided you keep the link to the author intact.



Website Matt is using it on:http://www.jcmilliken.com/


Note: Thank you for using free internet web site of our company (templatesfreelance.com).You have a right to use it at any purpose. According to the Copyright Rights you can not remove our company link in the bottom part of our site.If you have any questions please contact to: support@templatesfreelance.com

Here are the full screen shots.


Edited out my friends list but have the originals if some one of authority needs to see them.

Posted Image

Posted Image




Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

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Hi!I believe we ought to investigate. The first link pointing to Reality Software isn't a link to the template that CyberTec Online uses, so I can't really tell much from that.However, there is a resemblance between the template on Templates Freelance and the J. C. Milliken Agency and if the template is used in violation of the terms of the license, perhaps they need a gentle reminder to place the message on the footer.Most people don't read the terms and it's only after somebody tells them that they really go over the terms again. Usually, that's all it takes - a reminder!Regards,Nitin Reddy

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