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Need Help Planning For An Office Server

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Hi everyone!

A friend of mine wants to start his own business, and he asked me if I wanted to help him set up his office server. At this point, we are just planning so we would love to get input from as many sources as possible.

He told me that he wanted to be able to run his estimating software; Oncenter, Timberline/Sage, as well as Office 2007... and this is just for starters.

I was thinking a thin client server system would be the best option because it would provide excellent scalability (if he needs more computers, then just buy another thin client...more processing, storage, etc. could be handled by buying more server hardware).

I am very open to any input that you may have. Thank you.

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Hi!I think you ought to get regular desktop PCs because if there was a problem on the network or the server, it wouldn't stop the staff from doing their work entirely. Besides, to get a good ROI, the thin-client approach is better suited for medium or large sized organizations.Usually, all you'd need for a startup is a full-tower-sized server. A small business with growing I.T. needs could invest in a rack and some blade servers. If you're going with HP, get yourself a C-class enclosure instead of a P-class enclosure and you'll see them supported for longer.Regards,Nitin Reddy

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