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Windows Vista Sp2 Final Version Available

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This version is especially dedicated to well-informed users and who are already used to the evaluation version.

If you wish to install this version, you're advised to first save you data.

These are the new features and enhancements available for this Service Pack:

*) Hardware features

- Support for the 64 bits processors of VIA technology

- Support for the Wifi Windows Connect Now configuration

- Support for the bluetooth version 2.1

- Performance enhancement of Wifi after standby resume

- Possible to burn Blu-Ray (with adequate media)

*) Software features

- SP2 includes Windows Search 4.0 which enhances search results

- Content protection of TV in Media Center

For download, you can go here: 

-> version 32 bits (348 Mo) 


-> version 64 bits (577 Mo)


If you've tested this patch, you can post you comments here.

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I manage to try it on my work mobile workstation and i have to say, the given improvements in SP2 for Vista isnt really noticeable except for some what you have listed. Yes, it does improve some hardware compatibility but not its kernel, memory usage optimization.

The mobile workstation, Dell Percision M6400 comes with Vista Ultimate x64 perinstalled and have Photoshop CS4, Dreamweaver CS4, Maya 2009 SP1, zBrush 3.1, The Foundry Nuke 5.1v composition software installed. Laptop is new as in 2 weeks old.

As usual, it boots with nearly a gig of memory but the stability is much better than SP1 which it should. File transfer have a much better speed but on network transfer, i felt that its still the same (sorry couldnt give a much precise benchmark due to lack of tools).

Seeing that Windows 7 is in the make, i would say the SP2 is more like a vanilla fill up in your ice cream bowl till the king of the hill comes in, Windows 7, or a fix for those who have yet to made the bleeding edge change to Windows 7.

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I guess I've been out of the loop. I appreciate the fact that someone on here made this post. I have vista and anything that helps it is a major plus.Thanks again for posting, you even made it easy on me by providing the link, cool.

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