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Blogspot Vs Wordpress Self Hosted What is the best blog software?

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As the topic says, What do you think is the best blogging software?1. MovableType2. WordPress.org (Self Hosted)3. WordPress.com (Free Version)4. TypePad5. Blogger/Blogspot6. Livejournal7. Drupal8. Expression Engine9. Joomla10. Other I know some stuff about blogger blogs and wordpress self hosted blogs.Let's start with Blogger blogs. Blogger blogs are blogs hosted and maintained by Google. They are totally free and anyone can start instantly. Here are some advantages of Blogger blogs.1. They give you a free sub-domain. http://you.blogspot.de/. You can also use your own domain instead of a sub-domain under blogger.2. There is no cost or expense involved using a hosted platform.3. The blog templates source codes are coded in a way that they're well viewed by the Google's search engines as well as other top search engines as yahoo. So we can consider this as an advantage since your blog will get indexed faster by Google. In fact the blog is easily crawled by spiders and any new keywords you use will be rapidly saved.4. Very easy to change the theme. Basic styling can be done through the dashboard just by choosing colors. More advanced styling can be achieved simply with changes to the style sheet.5. Blogger is flexible with all kind of entries like the bookmarking tools in footers and RSS subscription like Feed Burner. 6. Easy comments system and it is very easy to edit older posts.7. Adsense ads are blended automatically with the background. You can easily put ads after every post. You don't have to get the code from your adsense account and manually paste them in your posts.Here are some disadvantages.1. Limited themes. Most blogger blogs looks the same and when you want to edit the theme you will find it quite hard to do so if you are not very comfortable with style sheets.2. The sub-domain offered by blogger can affect the image of your blog when it comes to advertisers to choose where to advertise for their products.3. Very limited plugins.Okay lets see what Wordpress self hosted blogs has to offer.Wordpress self hosted means you have to find your own hosting and domain names, be it a free sub-domain or a top level domain. Wordpress self hosted blogs are much more flexible than most blogs because it is simply more popular. Wordpress blogs can be made to look like professional web sites even with a static home page.Here are some advantages.1. No one can remove or ban your blog. If google feels your blog is violating their terms they will simply delete your blog. But since worpdress is hosted on your hosting account, no one can delete it except you.2. You will have total control over your blog. You won't see any small banner like what blogspot puts on top of their blogs.3. There are like thousands and thousands of themes you can use on your wordpress blog. Some are made by professionals and you can buy them from them. But you can find millions of free wordpress theme all over the web. You can make your own themes using style sheets. If you don't know much about style sheets you can use softwares like artseer or theme dreamer.4. There are millions of plugins to customize your blog the way you want it to look and feel like. Many users make new plugins and spread them freely.5. It is very easy and user friendly to start, set up and maintain your blog. There are plenty of support and help all over the web about wordress blogs.Here are some disadvantages.1. You will need paid hosting to host your blog, but of course you can use free hosting like here at Xisto.2. When you first try to set up a wordpress blog you might fell that it is very hard. Like uploading theme and plugins and manually installing wordpress.So I think wordpress beats other blogging softwares by a mile. But I don't actually know about other blogging software like joomla, and typepad.Well these are from my own experience in the blogo-sphere. Voice your opinion on this thread and lets see what is the best blogging software when it comes to flexibility, easy to start, cost, seo and other stuff.

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