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My Random Emotions Spread Out

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I guess i should start posting;;I am fatobeseFat, fat fator so i am told everyday at my houseyou think they'd got thei know , thanks hint.why cant people be fat and happy??i mean the skinny can walk around happiluy cant they?you dont see anyone pointing at them..mocking them etc.. like fat people... you know what im talking about go youtube Funny Fat peoplesee how many results you get..i shall dietYes you, aww i hear little *BLEEP* in the background mumbling and laughing, how adorable is she.Shes old, claims to know best, yet raised a little effed up bastard.Maybe someday people will learn to speak properly, stop acting like cavemanAnd learn to feed themselves a glass of water.You know what i just realized.. im Paranoid of beautiful peoplethey are everywhere, they are invading us..Breathing happily,I breath, Im happy.Breathing gets harderHappiness is overlooked everydaywhy do they keep reminding me, i aintOne day, i will, one daytil day, jealousy will overtrowhow obvious I hate seeing people get hurtbut you know that feeling you getthe i told you not to, dont trust meill let you *BLEEP* up on your own thenfeeling??? it hurtsI feel alone. Oddly, know that feeling? your life is ok, its alright, nothing huge came along to destroy it, but it feels empty, sorta like it was there all along and it finally hit you. I hate moving, every time i do, i get that feeling, that "i dont have anyone to trust" theres only fake "appearance friends there...Just a thought;; alone. alone. alone. not so alone. but in my mind alone.-Giselle~yes i wrote some love songs, because i loved you

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