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My Samsung Omnia Review

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OK so i have been looking at what i wanted to get for a while and finally picked up the samsung omnia a couple days ago. The main reason i got it was because it was only $100 with 2 years. If they were both the same, i probably would have gotten the blackberry storm...
anyways, if i really really wanted the storm i could have gotten it later, but i eventually talked myself into getting the omnia.

here is my pro and con list of the omnia... before i purchased.


A very light smartphone.
*Very hackable... with windows 6.1 and the number of developers, you can *make it do a lot of stuff... (i got a program to use it as a modem without paying the extra $15 a month and you can do it through wifi.)
*5 megapixel camera with video recording
*touch scree (obviously)
*opera mini and ability to get skyfire
*GPS... kind of. It is locked by verizon but i was willing to get it and let them unlock it.
* huge database of free apps to use.
*Media capability sounded amazing... divx and xvid
*8 gigs of internal memory

im sure there was more but i cant think any more lol

*lower screen resolution than other phones
*windows mobile 6.1 (i havent had problems with the OS, but it is not finger friendly)
*the yellowish screen makes it impossible to see in sunlight
*Some parts are not finger friendly.

well, when i first started playing with it, i had fun just going through the different apps and settings and all that jank. after a couple days, i started to get impatient with some things.

The first night, i plugged it in all night and when i went to unplug to start the day, my battery read 75% full. I plugged it in some more and never went to 100% full till the next night when i kept it off and charged. Anyways, while i was playing with it.. i was using the internet to go to a couple pages and then battery went down to 50% full... that was after about 10 minutes of playing. well, by lunch time, it was beeping and telling me to recharge. Second day was not too bad. i lasted all day with only half the phone's life and played around with it just as much.

I mentioned this in a couple developer forums and one response was that they had the same problem and the way they fixed it was to use a "cooked" rom... which is basically user created and voids the warranty.

The phone's touch is ok.... i am used to my ipod touch and the touch is not the same on the omnia. i catch myself using my pen as a stylus (cause i keep forgetting the original one) half the time.... i dont use the main today page from samsung, so a really small finger is helpful for those times. I have heard people complain about the small x they have to push in the top corner, but to me it was easier than pressing the letter a on the keypad. I do like some of the things on the today screen but you cant add or remove apps.

I think this was the coolest thing there. i liked using the buttons to change settings. it was like having one of those touch screen cameras except it was your 5 freakin megapixel camera! and it plays videos.. now only if the screen resolution was better so you can actually see it clearly.... (actually it wasnt too bad.)

The media was kind of confusing for me. i connected it to my computer and tried to get some movies but windows media player on my pc said i only had 88 megabytes of space to use. i called verizon and they were trying to get me to reformat part of my phone and i was like ehh... anyways, i changed the way that the usb connected and made it so it would see it as a storage device and was able to get to my 7.49 gigs of space and the movies loaded into a new folder which i had to go searching around to get to it and start playing. These were divx movies and after a little while, the player told me it was corrupted or something so i had to restart my phone. Some people told me you can search for the media through the players, but it took way too long to find them that i just went and started them myself. The picture quality was not too bad, but the media players are not attractive and if you exit it, sometimes you will not go back to where you left off. It is nowhere near ipod or iphone looking. and i am still hesitant to use it as a normal media device. THE THING I HATE MOST IS THAT YOU HAVE TO HAVE AN ADAPTER FOR YOUR HEADPHONES. THE ADAPTER ITSELF FOR A NORMAL HEADPHONE IS 3 FEET LONG! Add that with my headphones and i can jump rope with it.

I didnt know what to expect from windows mobile but i was pretty impressed with the os. its like having a miniature computer with you. I have pretty average hands... not big at all, and not too tiny, so getting around with my fingers were not horrible but using my inkpen (without the pen part out) was still easier. Maybe i'll wait for 6.5 the finger friendly version. i liked how much you can add to it with other apps and how easy it was to uninstall and such. The samsung today page was nothing to brag about. it was easy and convenient. but you cant remove or add apps... only move them around. IF YOU WANT TO GET TO OTHER APPS, YOU HAVE TO GO TO YOUR PROGRAMS AREA AND THE START MENU ONLY HOLDS 7 ADDITIONAL PROGRAMS.

There are a ton of apps for it. some are free and some are not. I found quickly that some of the really good apps are only trials and HANDANGO sucks... all of them are to purchase... at least i havent found a free one yet. There are some handy apps though.... i got one to use my phone as a modem and works great... and its free. i did get some apps to make parts of my phone more finger friendly like icontact which makes it look like the iphones contact. otherwise, searching through contacts would be impossible.

Surfing the internet on a phone is fun... but not on the omnia. i like opera mini, but i dont like how it acts for zooming in and out. the right side is your virtual zoom tab or you can double tap to zoom in and out. the only thing was that i usually scroll on the right side so i can read on the left and when i do that, i eventually make it smaller and bigger so that is annoying. i downloaded skyfire on there and it works ok for a browser. but i really just wish it was more simple to surf the web.


Email worked well for me... i was able to create a few but i set them to push manually cause i didnt want them draining my battery... the only thing was that if i moved my emails around on the phone, they didnt change when i see it on my computer... maybe i was supposed to "push" again. oh well... maybe later.


i only use the samsung keyboard because it is big enough to use with my fingers but it is still really small... i have learned that i can type the words that i want to say and about 90% of the time it will actually type it. i turned off the autocorrect as that made it harder to type. i looked for some better keyboards, but the good one was $25.

the phone part was great, i could hear well, the buttons were easy and i could get to my contacts easily and all that. the text messages were threaded so my week long conversation with my wife was like it happened today.. i love you, i love you too, i love you, i love you too.... that was over a couple day period and yes we are newlyweds.... anyways, i kind of like it threaded. the only thing that was confusing was if i needed to press a button to enter password or something, i would have to click the sensor button, then the keypad button... i use my speaker phone more often with this also so i can hear and see what is going on. AUDIO QUALITY WAS GREAT FOR ME!

The omnia is a good device on paper... i like its abilities, but to me, it was kind of confusing and not convenient enough as a phone and all in one device. its more like a computer with a phone.

Is there anything else you want me to mention? this is all my opinion about it and i am not biased.... I WAS LOOKING FOR A PHONE FIRST DEVICE THEN AN ALL IN ONE, BUT THE OMNIA WAS THE OPPOSITE.

A couple updates for the omnia... when you go to main menu, you can go to the shortcuts button and add whatever apps you want to it for easier finger touching. I also changed my today page to samsungs other version and is ok... still not pretty.

i am getting over the media issues and dealing with the phone searching for them but they are still not as easy as the ipod or iphone's media.

**** now if i am desperate, i can get a 2.5 to 3.5 mm adapter to use with my headphones, and the adapter that is for the 2.5 is shorter so it may work... but i kinda wanted one to go running with.

we'll see how much longer i last with this thing

Notice from rvalkass:

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only one thing to say that samsung omnia is giving a tough competition to iPhone.And also it includes all the features of the iPhone with a new 3.5g phone i think it is ahead of iPhone.

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Notice from rvalkass:
Anything copied and pasted needs to be in Quote tags.

even though i was the one that wrote that in the first place? lol... i do own theidoctor.com website... hmmm,

anyways, i do agree that the omnia has a lot of stuff over the iphone, but not ahead....

it would be ahead if the touch part of the phone was smoother and had multitouch as well as a headphone jack.

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