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Using Credit Card Is Secure Or Not?

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Using a credit card on the internet is only secure if the site is employing some kind of security mechanism. The most popular way of doing that is by using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). The easy way to tell if a site is using SSL is that the web URL will start with https instead of http. Another way you can tell that a site is using SSL is by an indication from the browser:


(1) Internet Explorer 7 - A small icon of a lock in the status bar on the bottom.

(2) Opera - There is an icon of a lock along with the certificate's base address in the address bar (at least on mine - I believe this can be changed).

(3) Firefox - Shows a lock and the certificate's base address in the status bar on the bottom.


Double-clicking the lock on any of the major browsers will bring up the site's security certificate information.


Other than that, keep a close eye on your credit card statement and report a problem to the company as soon as you find a discrepancy. Considering how many billions of dollars are spent worldwide on internet sales, I'd say your information will be safe as long as you only purchase items from reputable sellers, stay alert and keep your computer free of viruses / trojans / keyloggers.





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There are some many variables to consider when answering your question that i do not know where to begin with, but let me try.


If you want to buy something using your credit card, you must choose an internet service that uses a script that uses a secure online, with 128bit encrytion at least, but a 256bit is a lot more secure, and not many banks or payments services on the internet uses such a secure connection, but 128bit does the job, i assure you.


You must choose a payment service that does not store data on databases, even if they claim to be secure and thousands of other persons also do say that it is secure, do not use it, use a service like paypal, that does not store your credit card data on the transaction.


You must also use a pishing software on your operative system, a pishing toolbar and a software toolbar, a all in one i mean, zonealarm has a good anti pishing software, as well as norton/symantec and mcafee, i would go for mcafee or norton, but i tell you that symantec norton programs have a lot more secure security programs. Anti-pishing can spot a lot of fake banking or fake payment services, but it is also not neough, you must also have an eye to spot fake and unsecure stuff on the internet, besides all that, use a great antivirus and firewall to spot possible attacks when you arrive on a fake website on the internet.


Do not use internet explorer for internet payments, only firefox, not any other browser, or you have a wish to get robbed!!! Firefox is the browser that provides more percentage of security surfing any url on the internet, either using the http protocols or ftp, and specially what we are talking about, the https protocol, which is http on a secure/encrypted connection (HTTPS = HTTP Secure).


One thing that helps spot fake payments services or fake websites of banks is that the secure icon does not appear, but you do not have to worry about that if you use firefox, the icon will appear as well as information about the website credibility and if it is signed or not with a turst company, like verysign for example.


I guess this pretty much covers the most important stuff, but it is possible i forgot something.

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the WorldWideWeb is WildWildWorld! :PMost shopping site use secure sites this days but identity theft had been rampant specially in the US. but you can always call your credit company when problems come up and if your card got hacked or something they will definetly do something about it.Also using paypal or google checkout is more secure i recommend you use this ones.. B)

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Continuing with the above...Credit card details may be stolen in ways you wouldn't think of in a... ever!There are many sites which are fake, but are NOT copies of other, legitimate websites! They are themselves, websites that look genuine, and lure you into thinking they are genuine, making you buy their product, 3 months later, no product arrives... You money's been taken...There are even MORE ways, such as a legitimate site that WORKS with malicious people. They deliver your goods, etc etc... But suddenly you get a bill for some random thing, that you apparently bought in a country you've never even heard of... You ring up your bank, your bank says that a website has stolen your details and made the transaction, you call up whatever company to ask why, and how it happened... They can quite easily say something along the lines of "Our database was compromised, we apologise for all inconvenience caused."The best way to combat theft of credit card details, is only go on trusted websites, which, either a friend has recommended you, or a store which yuo have been to, and trust...If the price is too low, look closer... (Before you buy from a site, always check for reviews, etc)

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