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Which One Is Best For A Community Website: Drupal Or Joomla?

Best CMS for a community website?  

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I am planning to create and develop a community website soon. I want your views and opinions on, which CMS is best for a community website? I have two choices, either Drupal or Joomla!. Both have thier positive and negative points.The community will be having articles both by admins and users. As for the forums, I don't want full fledged systems like PHPBB or VBulletin, so built-in forums would do fine. I basically want total control on the customisability of the CMS. I would be adding some PHP scripts, so I want to know which one of these CMS blends with the custom codes easily. And at the same time the user interface and post controls should be user friendly as the main users would be newbies.Even though I have checked out these CMS's, I want someone who has used it on thier site to tell about this. Also I saw someone telling about a hacked site on Joomla! So I would also like to know, which one of them is more secure.

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I would say Drupal, even though I haven't used Joomla! Drupal has a bunch of addons (some are a little confusing to install and manage) and the system is neat and user friendly. I have found that search engines love Drupal, and the content is easily indexed. Drupal has a bunch of professional themes that you can install too.

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