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Alex Cicala

Please Tell My What You Think!? 56kb User Warning

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The site I'm hosting on Xisto:


This site is dedicated to my soon to be Source SDK Mapping Team. Just need some feedback/pointers/advice/etc on the site.
Just a warning to 56kb users this is a shocker.

Using a Flash XML template, Loud song at the start don't hesitate too turn volume up :P
And remember this is still under constuction, only edited the logo, background, playlist, and team overview [which is 50% complete(overview)].

Thx, in Advance :)

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I like the simple, clean layout of the site. Seems well organized, though obviously low on content. Would be interesting to see what the website would look like with more news, pages, and so on.The site looks OK with Firefox 3.0.8 on Linux. I couldn't find any visual errors with it.I don't hear any music when I go to the site. This is good, because I hate sites that start up music without warning the user. But, if you want music, you may want to look into why it's not playing correctly.I didn't try joining the site, so I don't know what the member pages are like. Do you have a sample account people can use for that (just for checking it)? Hope this helps,z.

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