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How the Dinosaurs died!!! Theories How The Dinosaurs Got Extinct

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How the Dinosaurs died!!!Theories How The Dinosaurs Got Extinct

There was God and he created the Dinosaurs and plants 65 years ago. And one day the Dinosaurs had a spelling contest and the smartest dinosaur won and earned a stomach of stea 20 days later God came up to the dinosaur and shouted "WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY CREATIONS!" The Dinosaur looked at him liked his lips and ate him whloe. Now with God's power the Dinosaur became Abreham Linkem and lived for thousands of years. After a while Homer Simpson was born and he went up to Abreham Linkem and thought he looked like a doughnut and been the pig that he is, he ate him whole!And that is how the Dinosaurs died!By Georgia Wake, South Gippsland Secondary Collage.

-reply by Georgia Wake


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