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Backup Your Firefox Profile And Easy Restore

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This is another tutorial I made in Microsoft word but forgot to post it on here.


Your Firefox profile contains all your settings and after a while you have customized to your liking, saved a bunch of passwords and now you maybe want to reinstall your machine/migrate the profile to another computer, here's what to do.


It's saved in the Application Data (on windows) map under Mozilla - Firefox - Profile. To easy access that you can hit Win - R and enter %appdata%


Now before you close Firefox in order to copy what you've done clean out temporary data, hit Ctrl - Shift - Del.


Now close Firefox and either just copy your Mozilla folder (in App Data) or if you have WinRAR right-click on it and choose under WinRAR - Add to "...rar" for a sfer and easier file to move (slow to transfer to usb with many small files, a big chunck is faster).



The easy deploy is to make a SFX from the .rar archive and add some options to it.


Open your archive in WinRAR and press SFX in the toolbar then click Comment and copy'n'paste

;The comment below contains SFX script commands				   				   Path=%appdata%				   SavePath				   Setup="%programfiles%\Mozilla Firefox\Firefox.exe"				   Presetup=taskkill /IM firefox.exe && ren "%appdata%\Mozilla" "Mozilla.%date%.OLD"

Posted Image


You can make it unattended by adding but I dont use it because it's easy to accidentally run it.


Hope this helps you :D


- Ash :D

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