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Actionscript Should Have Its Own Topic

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Actionscript really deserves its own topic. Its now on its third version. When I search actionscript here, it takes me to search engine.Maybe flash can get its own topic and actionscript can be a sub topic of it. I'm really into Flash right now and think it would be really cool to start a flash community.

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I agree Flash needs its own forum sub category. This along with other web development and programming category's has been requested in the past but I do not know the exact reasons why it hasn't been changed yet. How ever where would you put it? Think about how some related topics are arranged now at present:


Open Discussion ? MODERATED AREA ? Computers ? Programming Languages

Here We have many programming languages but of course they are not perfect.


Open Discussion ? MODERATED AREA ? The Internet ? Web Design

Here Flash would probably go better under web design because thats what flash is but the back end stuff is more programming. One problem is Web Design does not have any sub category so if you just dump flash topics in that it will be mixed up with other topics related to Web Design.


Open Discussion ? MODERATED AREA ? Computers ? Multimedia

Flash can also be classed as Multimedia but probably not a good idea in our forums at its current state.


Its not a simple thing to do and we need to consider where to put it and how it will affect the rest of the existing topics if we do decide to add in more forums. I cannot think of a suitable place for putting Flash related discussion as well as Actionscript so I would not suggest any. Remember Actionscript comes under programming languages but Flash does not. If you look at it in a different way Flash does involve scripting/programming in some way so there goes another dilemma.


Maybe when you guys suggest new forums think about where you intend to put it as well and maybe then it may be more convincing to the people in control.

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