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Hello With A Smile ^^ a smile from a new member...

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Welcome to the forum, dolrich06 Please make sure you read the Xisto read me for all the rules and what you need to be doing to get the most respect out of the Xisto forum, Also Please check out some mycents topics to understand how the system works then you will be able to get the best hosting or domain package. :D Enjoy!

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Hello dolrich06 and warm welcome.
I advice to you to read the rules, the guides, the readmes and the other annoucements and important things.
So you will start with earning myCENTs, your virtual money.
You get myCENTs for absolutely nothing, but posts.
So, make good posts, quality and long posts, with good description, to get earning myCENTs.
Also create an account with the same e-mail address as here, at this link:
After you will get 100 myCENTs the virtual money will be converted to US Dollars and will be deposited to Xisto.
With them, you can use them to buy Domains, Hosting and others things.
I hope that I'll see you HOSTED soon.
Have a nice stay here with us in this beautiful community, make friends, meet new people, share ideas and knowledge, learn something new.
All the best,
Stefan Pavikevik.

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