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Them Boys Of Summer There back. well almost.

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Well Ladies and Gents, it is almost here again. that time of year where you hear the crack of the bat and the pop of the glove. Baseball season 2009 is moving in fast. I know I know a lot of you are thinking here goes Echo on a Rant and Rave of the Mets. Not this time :P I do however feel as this season will be one of if not the best baseball seasons yet. Close in both leagues, and in all Divs. This year we will see some new names take the field as well, This is what I can not wait for. I wanna see just who makes the cut and who will take a walk to the showers one last time. I do feel as there will be some players, and no I will not name names like some ESPN reporter :D But I will say this much now. There will be some very big names that during Spring Training will decide to hang up the cleats for good. All I can really say about that is this. In with the new out with the old. There are a lot of players on all teams that well have or are about to pass there prime. Sad to say even on my beloved NY Mets. So all that I can say to these long time and beloved players of the game is You have brought smiles to many faces, and we all wish you luck. now on to the good stuffHere is how I see it this year as far as your top 4 teamsNLMetsDodgersALYankeesBostonof these 4 teams its gonna come down to Mets Bosten in Oct.

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