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Can You Send E-mail Without A Domain?

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This is a bit of a tech question -excuse my ignorance. The company I work for is changing hosting provider. The new hosting will be ready next Monday, but Sales people keep on pressing because they want to send our e-newsletter ASAP. We already have hired the new hosting company, but our domain name is still with the old hosting co. Is it possible somehow to send our e-newsletter with the new hosting co. before changing the DNS's of our domain?Some background:Our current ISP and hosting provider is the biggest comm. company in Mexico and therefore its service sucks now. And on top of that, they suddenly blocked our e-mail service because according to them we were sending too many messages, while we had been sending our e-newsletter every month to +1,000 legal subscribers for about 8 years at that time!

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Well, that would really suck to be without Email Service for a few days. what would you do with no Spam coming in to read? :D:P


Sounds like the Sales people will have to wait until the DNS propagates before sending out the Newsletter UNLESS the new Hosting company could arrange for a temporary Mail Service for you. That would be the first thing I would try. It will also give you some insight as to how their Customer Service Department deals with a request. You may need to have their Sales Rep go to bat for you in order to get this special favour. This is not a major issue to them. Email Hosting is cheap, cheap, cheap. Incidently, did you get a price from Xisto - Web Hosting for your new Hosting services? They are a sister company to the Xisto operating the Paid Hosting service for the Xisto Companies.


After this Account move, the first thing I would consider is seeing about a Mail service script that will 'level off' the demand on the Mail Server. Sending out 1,000 emails all at once will stress the Server and impact the service for others using the same Server and network. Check out the availability of a script that will break the Bulk mailing into smaller packages. Maybe a Crontab job that works when the Server is slower than regular business hours.


Best of luck with this issue.

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