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Decapitated In Virgina Tech

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Xin Yang and Haiyang Zhu. Pictures: Virginia Tech University/ Montgomery County Sheriff Department

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2007 killer Seung-Hui Cho


Xin Yangs head was cut off with a kitchen knife, just weeks after arriving in the United States from China to study accounting. Her alleged attacker, Haiyang Zhu, also from China, was arrested at the scene by an officer who arrived less than a minute after receiving an emergency call.


On January 7, he wrote on a Chinese-language blog he had been so frustrated over stock losses and other problems that he thought only of killing someone or committing suicide. Miss Xin, 22, was believed to have been having coffee with Haiyang in the campus Au Bon Pain cafe. Seven witnesses from the cafe have said there was no argument or shouting prior to the killing on Wednesday at 7pm.


The officer on the scene reported finding 25-year-old Haiyang holding her head in his hand, according to a police affidavit. He has been charged with first-degree murder. It is understood the pair had recently made friends and PhD student Haiyang was listed as one of Miss Xins emergency contacts, according to university records. He was not known to the university team who deal with mentally disturbed students.

I think this whole issue is really crazy and why is it all happening in this college? First the shooting and now this.

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