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What Should I Do With The Oracle Tool Created By Me? I want some suggestion regarding a tool made by me used for mapping.

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I work in a IT company and during my appraisal season i created a tool. But some how i didn't submitted it in my company. Now i have this tool and i don't know what to do with it. As you people are experts in different fields so i want your valuable suggestions that what should i do with it. Short Description of this tool is below.


Quick-T is an Automated Procedure generator tool. Current Version (1.0) is capable of generating procedures in


1.Truncate /insert mode

2.Insert/update mode

3.Insert/Append mode

The source data can be fetched from more than one table.[/size]



The need for this tool arose as valuable time is being spent by programmers (from now, referred to as users) in writing procedures manually through:


Text editor

Oracle PL/SQL Developer's IDE

In any of the above two cases, any user follows various steps such as declare collection variables manually for each column used in cursor. The user also creates cursor manually on the basis of some join condition. Then fetch the cursor values in collection variables etc.[/size]


To perform all the above tasks users should have proper knowledge of PL/SQL. It's also a time consuming task to create such a procedure. In addition, the sequencing of the variables has to be precise to ensure correct data finds its way in the target tables.



Quick-T will over come all the above limitations. Now with the help of this tool any user having little familiarity with PL/SQL can write a procedure in very less time without worrying about the syntax and the comments.


This tool is little similar to the OWB(Oracle Warehouse Builder).


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